Open position

Post Doc Position – Urgent The Group of Prof. Patrick Sebbah, Physics Department, Bar Ilan University, Israel,
offers a postdoctoral position in Physics of Disordered Non-Hermitian Systems, as part of a project founded by the Israeli Science Foundation.
This includes control of random media with gain/loss, disordered-induced (Anderson) localization in 1D and 2D random lasers (modal interactions, exceptional points, emission control in spectral and time domain, …), transport of flexural waves in hyperuniform disordered systems, landscape theory of localization, …
– Solid expertise in experimental optics and lasers or experimental acoustic and elastic waves.
– Solid expertise numerical modeling/simulations and/or Comsol Multiphysics.
– This position is intended to highly motivated students, with excellent academic track record.
– Excellent ability to communicate and write in English required.
The position is for 2 years renewable, starting October 2020.

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